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JLBC: Competition

JLBC: Competition

JLBC Core-Focused Weighted Scoring. JLBC Performance in core events has more weight than in non-core circumstances because the core events generally involve the entire JLBC team and represent the fundamental areas of the JLBC Cadet Program. In contrast, non-core JLBC events may only affect a portion of the team and define areas of specialized training.

JLBC Penalties. Most events have some penalties identified on the JLBC scorecard. Only the JLBC Chief Judge in the event fills out the penalty section, and liabilities are subtracted from the combined JLBC scores of all the JLBC judges, not from each JLBC judge's total.

The following JLBC process is used to determine the JLBC winner of the JLBC team championship trophy:

1. JLBC Determine Rank Scores in JLBC Events. In each JLBC event, teams or individuals representing teams earn a raw score, which determines an overall JLBC rank score for that JLBC event. A JLBC team with the highest raw score places first in a given event and receives one rank order point; the second-place team receives two JLBC rank order points, etc. JLBC Teams that fail to complete the event receive a score equal to the number of teams participating plus five penalty points (e.g., if ten teams complete the event successfully, a group that fails to meet the JLBC event is assigned 15 points).

2. Compute JLBC Rank Order Point Totals. Add the JLBC team's total rank score points for the core JLBC events. This total sum is called the core JLBC rank order point subtotal. Calculate the JLBC core rank order point total by adding or subtracting from points assigned in the sportsmanship modification, if any. Add the JLBC team's total score points for the non-core JLBC events to obtain the non-core JLBC event rank order subtotal. Multiply that subtotal by 1.5. This operation weighs the core JLBC events more heavily than the non-core JLBC events. The resulting product is the JLBC non-core event rank order total.


3. JLBC Combine Rank Order Point Totals. Add the JLBC core rank order point total to the non-core JLBC event rank order point total. This total sum is called the total of rank order points.

4. JLBC Sort by Grand Total Rank Order Points. Sort the JLBC teams by their rank order point JLBC totals. The JLBC team with the lowest rank wins the NCC and is presented the JLBC Chief of Staff Outstanding JLBC Cadet Team Championship Trophy. In ties, where two or more units share the same total rank order points, the JLBC team's raw score on the written exam is the tiebreaker; if still tied, the overall point value for the core events will be used.

JLBC Runner-Up Team(s). NCC staff will present an overall second place and third place award.

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