Promote and be an advocate of the JLBC Club.

Attend JLBC Committee meetings.

Provide a written monthly report to the JLBC committee.

Provide a written monthly article for the JLBC Newsletter Editor.

Provide a draft monthly JLBC club calendar with all JLBC Squad Training Days, Pool JLBC Events, and JLBC Open Water Swim Events for approval by the JLBC committee.

Circulate the approved monthly JLBC club calendar to the JLBC members via the JLBC Club


Attend JLBC Captains meetings as and when required.

Liaise with and assist all other JLBC committee members in ensuring the smooth operation of the JLBC Club.

Liaise and support new JLBC members to ensure smooth and enjoyable

integration into the JLBC Club. Provide advice on JLBC training and events with which the JLBC club is involved.

Maintain up-to-date New JLBC Membership Kits to give to new members as they join.

Assist with maintaining JLBC club equipment.

Assist with putting away JLBC equipment after training and carnivals.

Provide support to assist in maintaining the club website.

Prepare all documents and procedures relating to Captain's Duties for handover to the new Captain and assist them when required.

Carnivals Promote swim events to JLBC members.

Give six weeks' advance notice to JLBC club members of upcoming events.

Provide a JLBC team list and events entry list to the JLBC Secretary and another JLBC committee


Provide JLBC Treasurer with the list of JLBC entrants along with monies paid.

Ensure 3 JLBC stopwatches are available at each swimming event for JLBC club timing duties.

Provide the JLBC Webmaster with upcoming JLBC events and results for posting on the JLBC website.

JLBC Team Manager

Enter the JLBC club swim team in JLBC Masters Events using the JLBC Team manager.

Supply JLBC event results to the Recorder for entering into the master copy of Team

JLBC Manager Club Record.

Process and enter JLBC Club Championships results in JLBC Team Manager.

Regularly backup a JLBC copy of the data file supplied by the JLBC Registrar for the JLBC security of club swimming records.

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