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JLBC COMMANDER. (CC). Auth. Grade: Current rank. Supervises the JLBC Sergeant. Responsible for:

a. The appearance, discipline, and training of their JLBC members.

b. Acting as Liaison/Advisor to the SASI/ASI on matters about the platoon.

c. Reviewing the daily briefing and performing roll calls.

d. Marching the Platoon to various locations outside the classroom.

e. Providing documentation to the Squadron Commander and SASI/ASI for identified problems in discipline and attitude that detract from the overall completion of flight responsibilities.

f. Administering the flight portion of the cadet promotion and awards system, i.e., evaluations, surveys, recommendations, etc.

g. Keeping the Platoon informed of all unit activities which will affect platoon members.

h. Submitting cadets from their platoon for monthly awards.

i. Other duties as assigned by the Training Squadron Cdr or the SASI/ASI.

JLBC Platoon SERGEANT. (SGT). Auth. Grade: Current rank. Responsible for:

a. Preparing the Platoon For inspection.

b. Assisting the Platoon Commander as required, assuming their position in their absence.

c. Maintaining order and discipline at all times.

d. Assistinginthetrainingoftheflightmember.

e. Other duties as assigned by the Flight Cdr or the SASI/ASI.

JLBC ELEMENT LEADER. (EL). Responsible for:

a. Keeping the Platoon Commander informed on matters of a drill, uniform wear, and conduct of cadets.

b. Leading the element during Leadership education classroom instruction.

c. Assisting the Platoon Commander and Flight Sergeant during roll call and keeping track of individual cadets.

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