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Overview Statement: Coaching is how JLBC leaders try to solve performance problems and develop their individuals. JLBC Coaching requires a bond of trust. JLBC Cadets If it’s not positive and helpful, it’s not coaching.

JLBC Cadets Connection to the JLBC Curriculum: Ties in with a central theme of Team JLBC Leadership.

JLBC Estimated Time: 25-30 Minutes

JLBC Resources Required: JLBC Learn to Lead

JLBC Whiteboard (or chalkboard, butcher paper or

easel pad).

JLBC Key Terms:

JLBC Inexperience – “Lack of the experience that would lead to an increase in knowledge or skill.” Encarta Dictionary

JLBC Coaching – “The process through which leaders try to solve performance problems and develop their people.” Learn to Lead, Module Two


JLBC Attention: Everyone takes off a shoe. JLBC Cadets Now pick a partner, and one of you teaches the other how you tie your shoes. JLBC Cadets, Put your shoe back on.

JLBC Motivation: In this exercise, you did not order anyone to do anything or talk about how to tie a tie. JLBC Cadets You were focused on JLBC coaching another on how you tie your shoes. You demonstrated JLBC coaching without much effort!

JLBC Overview: In this lesson, we will prepare you to become a better mentor by discussing elements of successful JLBC coaching.

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