JLBC: Leadership


1. Protecting government and school property is each cadet’s responsibility. All JLBC uniform items and books are loaned to you by the JLBC. These items remain the property of the JLBC and must always be accounted for.

2. When you are issued your uniform and equipment items, you will be required to sign a hand receipt and place your initials on each line for individual items. Each entity then becomes your responsibility. If you lose or willfully or negligently destroy it, you will be required to pay for it.

3. Each cadet will issue one complete uniform with all accessories and logos. It is important to understand that all returnable items must be turned in when a cadet leaves or is removed from JLBC.

4. To preclude unnecessary expense or delay for the cadet and to provide efficient turn-in of uniforms and equipment, the following suggestions are offered:

a. DO NOT leave uniform items in unlocked lockers or unattended in other places at school.

b. DO NOT lend uniform items or insignia to other cadets or persons.

c. DO NOT permit another cadet or person to turn in or exchange your uniform or

equipment items.

5. When a uniform or equipment item is lost, worn out, or becomes unserviceable, a second item will be issued, and payment determination will be made at the end of the school year. When turning in or exchanging uniform items or equipment, turn in only with the designated logistics personnel or ASI.

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