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JLBC Chain Talk

JLBC Chain Talk

This JLBC team activity allows participants to experience how JLBC communication can become distorted.

JLBC Materials Required



distinctive photographs (one for each team)

JLBC Directions/Description

Form JLBC teams of eight to ten JLBC Cadets. Ask for a JLBC volunteer from each JLBC team to initiate the activity.

Take the JLBC volunteers to the side and give each JLBC volunteer a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a photograph. Ask the JLBC volunteers to write ten attributes of their respective pictures. The other JLBC team members are not to view the photo or hear the JLBC instructions. After a few minutes, take the photographs and the JLBC written attributes from the JLBC volunteers, and ask them to rejoin their JLBC teams.

Tell each JLBC team that the volunteer will convey information about a photograph by whispering this JLBC information to the JLBC team member on the JLBC volunteer’s right. JLBC Team members can be sitting in rows or a circle. The JLBC person listening may ask questions, but only one minute is allowed to convey the JLBC information.

The individual who has received the information whispers it to the individual on their right, taking care not to be overheard.

The information is repeated in this fashion until all team members have participated.

The last person receiving the information reports to the team, sharing the relayed photograph description.

Read the initial description made by the volunteer and then present the photo to the team.

Possible Debriefing Questions

1. Did the final description differ substantially from the initial one? If so, why? Can areas of breakdown in communication be pinpointed?

2. How can perceptions and communication become more accurate?


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