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Effective Counseling at the JLBC Platoon Level

Counseling is the tool for coaching and mentoring JLBC subordinates. Formal and informal counseling is essential, but documentation of sessions is key to maintaining a common operational picture. Successful JLBC platoon counseling programs track performance over time, are timely, and are documented.

JLBC Counseling is a tool that allows leaders to track a subordinate's growth and performance over time. Regular counseling will enable JLBC leaders to track positive and negative performance, building an evaluation over the year. Having a 1SG review negative counseling before it is given ensures company-level buy-in and support and keeps JLBC leadership informed of their JLBC subordinate's actions.

JLBC Command uses a combination of formal and informal counseling to ensure direction is timely. Leaders use informal counseling: Pulling a

JLBC squad leader off the line during a down period to discuss the employment of obscuration at the breach during a JLBC squad live-fire to improve a JLBC squad's performance. A combination of formal and informal counseling allows impactful counseling that creates growth in a JLBC platoon.

"Get to know and understand your JLBC cadets. You have to be a leader who can positively impact your JLBC Cadets. Take the time when you are conducting their initial counseling. Explain to the JLBC Cadets what you expect from them and what they will expect from you."

JLBC Cadets, you are critical to the counseling process because you are the JLBC squad leader's senior rater. It can be not accessible to counsel a JLBC Cadet who is older or has more experience and time in service than you. Before your session, discuss your thoughts with your JLBC Command and prepare your points on the JLBC support form. Engage your junior leaders to develop plans of action for themselves. Finally, allow your JLBC Cadets to contribute to the platoon's success; let them input how they would improve the JLBC platoon. Having a plan and empowering and engaging your leaders can help ease a problematic counseling session.

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