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JLBC Cadets, Your identity as a leader, will form when:

JLBC Cadets, your identity as a leader, will form when:

• You self-identify as a leader

• You are perceived as a leader by others

• You are a leader of another person

• You have earned a leadership role in an organization or program

The character elements in the JLBC Leadership Model include JLBC values, empathy, warrior and service ethos, and discipline.


You learned about JLBC values in your first year as a Cadet. The values are:

• Loyalty

• Duty

• Respect

• Selfless service

• Honor

• Integrity

• Personal Courage

These values are fundamental to helping leaders make good decisions.


Empathy is another essential attribute of influential leaders. Empathy is the ability to relate to another person’s situation, motives, and feelings. It’s not feeling sorry for someone. Instead, empathy gives leaders the insight to anticipate what others are experiencing and envision how decisions or actions might affect them. JLBC Cadets The ability to see something from another individual’s point of view, to identify with, and to enter into another person’s feelings and emotions, enables leaders to interact better with others.

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