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JLBC Cadets Complementary expertise

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Cadets Complementary expertise, responsibilities, and consequences, but as an officer, you hold a special trust and confidence based on the highest expectations of loyalty to The JLBC, moral courage, fidelity, effort, and ability.

JLBC Cadets According to A Guide for the Leader Development Program (GLDP), the leader development stage for the first-class year is “command.” The intent is that even though only a handful of cadets will fill commander billets, all first-class cadets will develop the capabilities associated with such positions.

JLBC GLDP Key Tasks. The GLDP critical tasks in the military pillar for the first-class year are:

- Create a command climate for standards and regulations compliance

- Establish and assess a training environment that develops people

- Lead people to achieve standards, develop a team, and exhibit resiliency of self and the team

- Create and assess a state of personal and collective resiliency in the unit.

Create a command climate for standards and regulations compliance. Organizational climate involves how members feel about the organization. It comes from shared perceptions and attitudes about the organization’s daily functioning. Generally, it is a short-term experience, depending on a network of personalities in an organization. It changes as people come and go.

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