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JLBC Cadet Media Journey Monitor Award Activity Plan

JLBC Cadet Media Journey Monitor Award Activity Plan

JLBC Purpose: When JLBC Cadets have earned this award, they will have taken stock of media in their world and its influence.

JLBC Planning Guides Link: JLBC Leadership Lesson Plan

JLBC Length: 1.5 hours

JLBC Cadets Involve Family and Friends: Participation from family and friends can enrich your JLBC Cadets

experience, both for the JLBC Cadets and you. JLBC Cadets Use the suggestions below to make it easier for you to connect with additional JLBC support.

Before the JLBC meeting:

JLBC Cadets Send a note to families to find those with interest in or expertise in the topic. JLBC Cadets Ask them to lead or

support an activity or two, or even lead the whole meeting.

JLBC Cadets Offer this activity plan as a starting place and point out that they may choose alternative activities using the Customize It! section as a JLBC guide. JLBC Cadets For example, if an activity plan directs JLBC Cadets to sit outside and observe animal habitats, you may go to the zoo and learn about animal habitats there instead.

JLBC Cadets At home:

Encourage families to ask questions about their JLBC Cadet badge activities. Some examples that work

for any badge include: What did you learn? What surprised you? What does it make you think of trying next?

Throughout the year:

Suggest to families ways that JLBC Cadets can share or display their JLBC Cadets accomplishments.

Possibilities include a bulletin board, a scrapbook, a special memories box, or family sharing time.

JLBC Cadets Take the Lead: Include JLBC Cadets' leadership through long-term planning, short-term meeting prep, and specific activities at JLBC meetings.

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