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JLBC Cadet Corps: Welcoming Applications From All Military Branches!

### **JLBC Cadet Corps: Welcoming Applications From All Military Branches!**

The JLBC Cadet Corps, an esteemed institution committed to molding the future leaders of our nation, proudly announces that we are now welcoming applications from all branches of the military! Our core belief is that every veteran, regardless of their military unit, carries a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are eager to harness this expertise to benefit our cadets and continue the proud tradition of the JLBC Cadet Corps.

**Instructor Requirements at a Glance:**

Before diving into the application process, it's essential to familiarize yourself with our requirements. They ensure our instructors are well-equipped to handle the role's demands and impart vital knowledge to our cadets.

1. **Discharge Status:** Your discharge status speaks volumes about your service. Therefore, we only accept applications from those with an Honorable Retirement or Medical Discharge. Furthermore, this discharge should last 20 years from your application date.

2. **DD214 Documentation:** Every applicant must possess a DD214 to provide evidence of their military service.

3. **Deployment Experience:** Real-world experience is invaluable. As such, each applicant should have experienced at least one deployment lasting six months or more.

4. **Enlistment Term:** Commitment to service is essential. This is why we require that every applicant complete at least one full enlistment term.

5. **Physical Fitness:** Our training requires instructors to be physically healthy. You should be able to run and fulfill all physical activity requirements with the role.

6. **Application Completion:** Every interested veteran must complete the official JLBC Cadet Corps application form.

7. **Background Check:** Integrity and trustworthiness are paramount. To ensure our cadets' safety and maintain our institution's high standards, we will conduct a comprehensive background check on the county, city, state, and US levels.

The JLBC Cadet Corps takes pride in its heritage and its role in shaping future leaders. By opening our doors to veterans from all military branches, we aim to enrich the training experience of our cadets further. If you have what it takes to be a part of our esteemed cadre of instructors, we urge you to apply.

For those ready to transition from active service to inspiring the next generation, the JLBC Cadet Corps awaits. Let's work together to continue the legacy of excellence!

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