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JLBC Cadet Corps History and Traditions

JLBC Cadet Corps History and Traditions


The JLBC (Junior Leadership Bootcamp and Behavior Cadet) Cadet Corps was established in 2020 to mold high school students into responsible citizens and future leaders. The program was inspired by the success of various cadet corps programs worldwide and the need for a similar initiative that focused on leadership, citizenship, and character building.

Over the years, the JLBC Cadet Corps has grown in size and scope, gaining recognition for its commitment to youth development and community service. It has played a pivotal role in the lives of thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to hold leadership roles in various fields such as business, public service, academia, and the military.

Despite the changes and growth over the years, the core mission of the JLBC Cadet Corps remains the same: to instill in young people the values of leadership, citizenship, personal responsibility, and physical fitness, preparing them for success in their future endeavors.


Traditions play a significant role in the JLBC Cadet Corps, fostering cadets' sense of belonging, continuity, and pride. Some of the critical practices include:

  1. Passing the Guidon: In this ceremony, leadership is transferred from the outgoing cadet commander to the incoming one, symbolized by the passing of the guidon (the unit's flag).

  2. Cadet Oath: New cadets take an oath upon joining the Corps to uphold its values and standards. This ceremony reinforces the commitment each cadet makes to personal growth and service.

  3. Annual Parade: A yearly parade showcases the cadets' discipline, teamwork, and skills. This event is a highlight of the year and an opportunity for cadets to demonstrate their pride in the Corps.

  4. Awards Ceremony: The annual awards ceremony recognizes outstanding cadets for their leadership, service, academic achievements, and physical fitness. These awards motivate cadets to strive for excellence in all areas of the program.

  5. Alumni Day: Once a year, former cadets are invited back to share their experiences and achievements since leaving the Corps. This tradition helps current cadets see the long-term impact of their participation in the Corps.

These traditions are integral to the JLBC Cadet Corps experience, contributing to the program's unique identity and spirit. They reinforce the values of the Corps and create lasting memories for the cadets.

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