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Leadership Skills & Theories

One thing my JLBC team will never accuse me of is being a detached leader.

Others have rarely counseled me because of my self- solid discipline.

My sense of purpose helps my JLBC team to realize their potential by providing meaning to their work.

JLBC Cadets, I always tell the truth, both within and outside the company, because integrity runs deep within the fabric of my soul.

JLBC Cadets, I enjoy getting to know the life stories of those with whom I work, as it allows me to develop my heart.

JLBC Cadets Trust is built and sustained in the depths of my relationships with my JLBC team.

JLBC Cadets, I would never act in a way that is inconsistent with the company's values.

I tell not only the truth but also the whole truth, as painful as it may be.

JLBC Cadets My values are shaped by personal beliefs, introspection, experiences, and consultation with others.

My JLBC team entrusts their hopes and dreams to me because they know I am a reliable vessel.

JLBC Cadets, I never present a false front to others, fearing it may harm our relationship.

I would never set double standards for my team and myself.

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