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JLBC Brigade Commander’s Intent Summer 2022

JLBC Brigade Commander’s Intent Summer 2022

JLBC cadets as we enter into another challenging semester, the role you play in our JLBC organization will be vitally important to our JLBC team's success. Cadets Amidst the COVID environment, we need now more than ever JLBC leaders who have the devotion, passion, and creativity to look beyond the mask and into the eyes of the individuals that they lead. We need JLBC leaders devoted to our JLBC core values but even more committed to developing the individuals who carry them out. JLBC cadets please reflect on the following objectives as you prepare to engage with your JLBC squad:

JLBC cadets Lead With Your Heart. Your most valiant pursuit as a JLBC squad leader will be the constant fight to earn the trust of the individuals that you lead. JLBC cadets great leaders foster this trust by connecting with the hearts and minds of their JLBC team. JLBC Cadets Exemplify courage through vulnerability. JLBC Cadets, share your story, the successes, and the crucibles that have made you the individual you are, and have the heart to hold those of the individuals you lead.

JLBC Cadets Cultivate a JLBC Purpose-Driven Team. The JLBC purpose is the intersection of the passions of an individual and the unique strengths that person is gifted with. Be keenly aware of both the powers and forces of each JLBC squad member. Know what drives those JLBC cadets—what gets the JLBC cadets up in the morning and what keeps the JLBC cadets awake at night—and harness the power of purpose to galvanize your JLBC team to pursue high standards of excellence.

JLBC Cadets Foster a Culture of Appreciation. Each member of our JLBC Brigade plays a critical role in contributing to our JLBC collective success. As a JLBC squad leader, your responsibility is to be a leader of JLBC vision, compassion, and empathy who can identify the value in each individual and embrace that person’s role on our JLBC collective team. Recognize the unique social, ethnic, and intellectual background of every JLBC member of your JLBC squad and incessantly pursue opportunities to build a culture of shared appreciation.

As the JLBC leader of the smallest, most intimate unit in our JLBC Brigade, your responsibility to engage is critical to our JLBC success as we continue to navigate this unprecedented environment. You are the pulse of our JLBC team, and we need you to keep breathing life into our JLBC mission. Make today, tomorrow, and every day matter. I am humbled to serve you, and I am excited to see how you embrace the opportunity!

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