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JLBC: Be Creative.

JLBC: Be Creative.

JLBC Teams are encouraged to be creative with their meeting planning. If a meeting falls upon a particular day, develop the conference and speaker around it. Contact the caterer and arrange a meal that supports the “theme.” Some suggestions.

October - an Oktoberfest May - Cinco de Mayo Summer - a picnic October - Halloween

April - mardi gras, February - Presidents Day

Follow up

Once the JLBC team has met and assignments made, the JLBC team leader has several responsibilities.

■ Ensure each JLBC member of the JLBC group (especially JLBC members who were not present at the JLBC team meeting) gets a copy of the final assignment sheet

■ Contact each of the scheduled speakers and confirm their program.

■ Post your JLBC team assignments on the JLBC club’s web page. Go to Log in using your name and password, Click on members-only, Click on JLBC team leader tools, and Select Enter/View/Edit your month’s JLBC team assignments.

■ Be sure to list those to be recognized for an anniversary or birthday during your month to the JLBC Sergeant at Arms.

■ At least one week before the JLBC meeting, provide the editor of The Leaf with a written bio of the speaker for the upcoming conference for inclusion in our bulletin.

This information needs to be posted on the web page at least one month before the assigned JLBC program!

As we get closer to your month, remind all JLBC team members of their responsibility to perform their duties. Those with the e-mail will get an e-mail reminder from the website the weekend before their assignments, but this should not take the place of follow-up by the JLBC team leader. Should something arise that will prevent them from attending a JLBC meeting and doing their job, it will be the JLBC Member's responsibility to find a JLBC replacement and notify you of that change. Should a JLBC member not be present at the meeting.

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