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JLBC Battalion S-1

JLBC Battalion S-1

The JLBC S-1 is responsible for personnel management. Specific duties are:

Advise the battalion commander on personnel matters.

Maintain a JLBC Cadet record on each JLBC Cadet in the Battalion, and ensure that promotions, reductions, duty assignments, marksmanship scores, awards, and decorations are posted promptly to the JLBC cadet record folder. Maintained records of former JLBC Cadets for five years.

Gather information needed for awards and promotions from team captains, commanders, staff, and the AAI and SAI, and publish unit orders.

Maintain the JLBC administrative bulletin board.

Prepare advance information papers for staff meetings, as necessary, and keep the minutes of the staff meetings.

Establish and operate recruiting and retention programs to attract new members into JLBC and to encourage good JLBC Cadets to stay in JLBC.

Align the JLBC Battalion at all formations and serve as Adjutant for ceremonies.

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