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JLBC Battalion Executive Officer.

JLBC Battalion Executive Officer.

The mission of the Battalion Executive Officer is to plan, coordinate, and execute the logistical and administrative support necessary to ensure all corps missions are adequately resourced, synchronized, and managed and to exercise control over all corps activities to ensure they are executed in ac- accordance with the commander’s intent.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Serve as second-in-the command of the corps and as some command in the Battalion Commander’s absence.

- Directly supervise the staff officers on the battalion staff

- Be the commander’s action officer for training meets-


- Coordinate with Company Executive Officers to facilitate mission accomplishment.

- Keep the Regimental Executive Officer informed about general logistical and administrative matters in the battalion.

JLBC Battalion Academic Officer. The mission of the JLBC Battalion Academic Officer is to assist the Battalion Commander in establishing, maintaining, and monitoring an organizational climate that optimizes the ability of each cadet in the battalion to excel in the academic pillar.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Ensure all Company Academic Officers are adequately trained and coordinate with Company Academic Officers to facilitate mission accomplishment.

- Establish and maintain liaisons with campus academic offices such as the Academic Support Center, Career Center, and Library.

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