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JLBC Battalion Commander

JLBC Battalion Commander

The JLBC Battalion Commander is responsible for everything the JLBC Battalion does or fails to do. The JLBC commander directs JLBC subordinate units through JLBC Company Commanders and the staff through the JLBC Executive Officer. Specific duties are:

JLBC Command the JLBC Battalion at appropriate formations, such as JLBC parades and ceremonies.

Prepare for and conduct the JLBC training of the JLBC Battalion.

Establish a working climate within the JLBC Battalion that promotes mutual respect and confidence.

Directly supervise the JLBC Executive Officer, JLBC Company Commanders, and JLBC Command Sergeant Major, and ensure they are fully trained to perform their JLBC duties.

Supervise the preparation and delivery of JLBC command briefings to visitors and inspectors.

Make recommendations to the AAI and SAI on all matters affecting the JLBC Battalion, such as staffing, promotions, awards, and operations.

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