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JLBC Balancing targets


JLBC Balancing targets

Results are what it’s all about. They synthesize all your thinking, planning, and enabling as a leader. To get what you want from a project, you should clarify standards and objectives from the outset. Your targets need to be realistic and require a means of measuring the performance of all involved.

JLBC Getting the right results

The targets you set for your team should challenge everyone but also be realistic, in line with the SMART criteria. Ensure the aims you set

are balanced and financial targets, including goals in areas such as speed of response, product and service quality, customer and team satisfaction, and brand development. List the desired results in each of four key areas—customers, operations, people, and finance—so that no one objective takes priority over another. Review results in each area monthly so that you can prove progress to yourself, your team, and your investors.

140% more money is likely to be spent by customers who enjoy positive service experiences.


○ Customer service staff motivated

○ Customers satisfied

○ Customer experience enjoyable

○ Lifetime loyalty promoted

JLBC Setting service-level agreements

Clarify the results you expect from interactions between purchasers and providers or between departments in a service-level agreement. You can then present the obligations in a written format—minimum or maximum standards and timescales, or other measures of reliability or availability, for example:

• Our obligations: to provide you with information within four

• hours of the request, etc.

Your obligations: to respond to service requests within four hours of phone call inquiry, etc.

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