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1. JLBC Cadets when a member wishes to bring a matter before the group, they must be recognized by the JLBC chair.

TRUE The JLBC chair must recognize the member, either by calling the member's name or nodding before the member can make a motion.

2. The JLBC member has the floor as soon as they have spoken to the JLBC chair.

The JLBC member does not have the floor until the JLBC chair has recognized them.

3. Robert's Rules of Order is the most commonly used "rule-book" for parliamentary procedure.

TRUE several books detail parliamentary procedure; however, Robert's Rules is the most widely used and accepted authority.

4. JLBC Cadets one can introduce JLBC business by saying, "I move to make a motion that..."

JLBC Cadets FALSE a JLBC Cadet only needs to say "I move," "I move that," "I move to," or "I move the adoption of the following." To say "I move to make a motion," "I make a motion," and "I move you" are common but redundant and incorrect.

5. All motions need to be seconded.

FALSE A motion is often necessary to indicate that more than one person favors the matter under consideration. However, questions of privilege, points of order, objections, calls for division, and information issues do not need seconds.

6. It is unnecessary to secure the floor to second a motion.

TRUE It is not necessary to secure the floor to second a motion.

7. A motion can be withdrawn after the chair has stated it.

FALSE Once a motion has been made, seconded, and stated by the chair, the

the group cannot discuss any other business until the action is concerned, voted upon, or tabled.

8. Debate can only occur after the motion is started and before it is put to the vote.

TRUE This is the only time remarks regarding a motion can be heard.

9. "Stating" and "putting" the motion/question are different ways of saying the same thing. FALSE A motion is "stated" when the chair announces to the house that the motion

has been made and seconded; it is "put" when the vote is taken.

10. Banging the gavel symbolizes the completion of an action.

JLBC Cadets TRUE The gavel is also used to bring order to the group.

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