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JLBC Application

JLBC Application

The Vision – Support – Challenge framework illustrates how the seven leadership behaviors complement each other. Still, it should be noted that while conceptually a cycle, leaders will often have to apply all seven behaviors simultaneously, especially when considering individuals within a team.

JLBC Cadets It is of the utmost importance that leaders recognize that these behaviors must be applied to every aspect of life and are not restricted to working hours or particular situations.

Transactional or Transformational?

In military life, there are times when a Transactional (or Directive) ‘Just do it!’ style of leadership is required. These are often the most demanding circumstances when people need to react instantly and rely on the muscle memory developed during training. However, most of the time, leaders must aspire to be Transformational (or Inspirational) and – motivate and inspire the team to achieve through shared Values, vision, trust, and confidence.

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