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If You’re Not Doing This To Manage Your Thinking, You’re Limiting Your Success

If You’re Not Doing This To Manage Your Thinking, You’re Limiting Your Success

The greatest enemy of good thinking is busyness.

Do you regularly create space to think?

Reflect on your day and the essential things that need to be done.

Successful people call this ‘white space’ on their calendars.

It is time that is blocked in and protected. We all need this time and space to think.

NOTE; this is separate from meditation and journaling - both of which are essential tools to win at life.

I encourage you all to create this space.

John Maxwell writes about his ‘thinking chair.’

It’s a chair in his office where he sits at the end of his work day and thinks.

I don’t have an allocated space for thinking, but I have the time blocked off on my calendar at the end of every day.

I usually find myself at my dining table when I’m at home or my desk when I’m at work.

What matters is I have planned the time and always do it!

When I talk about ‘thinking time,’ I don’t mean sit there without a plan and expect a good idea to hit you.

It would help if you thought about ideas you’ve captured/jotted down during the day that you could not deal with during the busyness of the day.

Reflect on decisions you’ve made that day.

Evaluate a decision you need to make.

Develop a strategy.

Try being creative to flesh out an idea.

Try managing your thinking this way, and you will be amazed at the payoff.

1 minute > 1 hour

A minute of thinking is always more valuable than an hour of talk or unplanned work.

How do you manage your thinking?

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