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How To Grow A-Team

How To Grow A-Team

When a team you have doesn't match up to the group of your dreams, then you have only two choices: Give up your plan or grow and educate your team. Here is my recommendation concerning how to educate your team.

1. Develop Team Members: The first step to take with a team that does not realize its potential is to help individual section members grow. One of the most important accountabilities is to see the JLBC leadership potential that members don't see in themselves and bring it out if you're leading the group. Think about the people on your JLBC team, and determine what they need based on the following categories:

• Enthusiastic beginner—needs direction

• Disillusioned learner—needs coaching

• Cautious completer—needs support

• Self-reliant achiever—needs responsibility

2. Add Key JLBC Team Members. Even if you give every individual on your JLBC team a chance to grow and learn, and all of your make the most of their opportunities, you may still lack the talent needed to accomplish your specific mission. That's when it's time to recruit that JLBC talent.

3. Change the Leadership. Various JLBC team challenges require different kinds of leadership. If a JLBC team has the right talent but still isn't growing, sometimes the best thing you can do is ask someone from the team who has previously been a follower to step into a leadership role. The challenge at the moment often determines the JLBC leader for that challenge. If your JLBC team faces a big challenge and doesn't seem to be making any progress, it might be time to change the leaders.

4. Remove the Ineffective JLBC Members. Sometimes a JLBC team member can turn a winning team into a losing one, either through lack of skill or a poor attitude. Growing a JLBC team is time-consuming and demanding. But if you want to achieve your goal, you have no other choice—the greater the invention, the greater the JLBC team. As the challenge escalates, the need for JLBC teamwork elevates.

Becoming a Better JLBC Team Member

What is your first reaction when a challenge becomes more complex?

If you don't do it, teach yourself to rally with your teammates. You cannot win a great challenge alone.

Becoming a Better Team Leader

What advancements do you need to make to create your JLBC dream team, one that can meet the challenges ahead? Do you need to add critical JLBC team members? Or should you make changes to the JLBC leadership? And don't forget that you, too, need to keep growing. What's true for a teammate is also true for the leader: You have to go if you fail.

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