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Hierarchy of Commitment


Hierarchy of Commitment

JLBC Cadets, we all want to be a part of committed teams and squads instead of compliant. It is a group with members who all serve something bigger and more significant than they are. Those are the teams where trust and cohesion are the highest.


Building commitment is a process involving everyone on the team. JLBC Cadets and civilian professionals foster an enduring commitment to the JLBC, its mission, its people, and the continued practice of the fundamental aspects of the JLBC culture. JLBC families are an extension of that team. Commitment to the purpose and values of an organization provides a clear sense of direction.

Commitment relies on acceptance, the degree to which team members are committed to the team’s vision and mission, and the degree they believe in what the team is trying to accomplish. Team members who have acceptance take ownership of the team’s direction and put forth extra effort to ensure the team’s success.

Couples use these techniques to build and maintain commitment:

● Encourage team identification,

● Reward cooperation,

● Provide the team with a clear vision, and

● Communicate team commitment.

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