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From Good Kid To Great Leader, Yes, You Can!

From Good Kid To Great Leader, Yes, You Can!

Is there a difference between a good student/worker and a leader? Well, yes, there is!

In most cases, good students/workers use their specific skills, knowledge, and expertise to achieve objectives. The central role of leaders is to inspire and influence people. Both positions are crucial, and sometimes, a person must act as both a student/worker and a leader. To explain, here are some key differences between each of the roles:

Leaders set the vision good students/workers follow it. Leaders think about ideas; good students/workers think about execution.

Leaders inspire people; good student/workers drive their success. Leaders look to the future; good students/workers work in the present. Leaders shape the culture; good students/workers encourage and support it. The Junior Leadership Boot Camp course presents a range of practical ideas, tips, and techniques; it gives opportunities to discuss issues, work with your fellow participants, and undertake personal self-assessments to help JLBC cadets learn more about themselves how they can become a highly effective leader.

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