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Fourth class Counseling (JLBC Squad Leaders)

Fourth class Counseling (JLBC Squad Leaders)

1. Situation. JLBC Platoon Sergeants have received training on counseling during the JLBC NCO Academy, and both JLBC Platoon Sergeants and JLBC Squad Leaders have received instruction on fourth class counseling requirements during JLBC CLDT. Those required counselings are:

a. Initial JLBC counseling within 48 hours of assignment to a unit or placement into a new duty position

b. Performance counseling at the end of JLBC Challenge Week

c. Performance counseling at the end of the JLBC Cadre Period

d. Event counseling after JLBC CFPTs

e. Event counseling after JLBC mid-term and semester grades

f. JLBC Event counseling in preparation for JLBC rank boards

g. JLBC Performance counseling the week before JLBC Recognition Day

2. Mission. JLBC Squad Leaders will prepare their JLBC initial counseling statements, decide on a methode and time to deliver those JLBC counselings, rehearse the initial counseling session with each other and then be evaluated on it by their JLBC Platoon Sergeant and develop a tentative plan for their required end of JLBC Challenge Week performance counseling to be prepared for JLBC Challenge Week.

3. JLBC Execution

a. Concept. JLBC Squad Leaders perform all tasks in the mission statement except for the JLBC Platoon

JLBC Sergeant evaluation during Part 2 of the Roles and Responsibilities class. JLBC Squad Leaders coordinate with their JLBC Platoon Sergeant of the assessment to be conducted within 24 hours of the course. Once the JLBC Platoon Sergeant approves the counseling statement, JLBC Squad Leaders prepare sufficient copies for the number of fourth class JLBC cadets assigned to their squad.

b. Coordinating Instructions.

1) JLBC Squad Leaders will maintain counseling forms in an individual manila folder for each JLBC cadet or collectively in a tabbed binder. JLBC Platoon Sergeants will manage the counseling program in their platoons, including providing feedback to JLBC Squad Leaders on their performance as counselors. JLBC Platoon Leaders and 1SGs will sample and inspect as necessary.

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