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Forming and Marching the JLBC Cadet Corps Company: Correct Responses to Commands

Title: Forming and Marching the JLBC Cadet Corps Company: Correct Responses to Commands


The Junior Leaders Battalion Cadet (JLBC) Corps is a prestigious organization that focuses on building leadership skills, discipline, and teamwork among young individuals. As part of their training, cadets learn to form and march as a company, following specific commands and procedures. This article will describe the correct responses to orders when creating and marching the JLBC Cadet Corps company, allowing cadets to display professionalism and unity.

  1. Forming the Company

a. "Fall In."

Upon hearing the command "Fall In," cadets should quickly and efficiently assemble in their designated platoon and squad formations. The company will be formed with platoons side by side and squads arranged in order from front to rear. Cadets should stand at the position of attention with heels together, feet at a 45-degree angle, and hands cupped at their sides.

b. "Dress Right, Dress."

Following the "Dress Right, Dress" command, cadets will adjust their positions to maintain proper alignment and spacing. Each cadet should raise their left arm horizontally and extend their right arm, placing their fingertips on the shoulder of the cadet to their right. The command "Ready, Front" will signal cadets to return to the position of attention with their arms back at their sides.

  1. Marching the Company

a. "Forward, March."

When the command "Forward, March" is given, the company will begin to move forward as a single unit. Cadets should step off with their left foot, maintaining a steady pace and proper distance from the cadet in front of them. The speed should be 30 inches for a regular cadence or 15 inches for a half-step march.

b. "Column Left (or Right), March."

Upon hearing "Column Left (or Right), March," the company will execute a 90-degree turn to the left or right, respectively. The pivot point will be the lead cadet in the specified direction. Each subsequent rank will follow the cadet before them, maintaining proper alignment and spacing throughout the turn.

c. "To the Rear, March."

When the command "To the Rear, March" is given, cadets will execute a 180-degree turn to the right while continuing to march. The pivot point will be the right foot. Cadets should maintain proper alignment and spacing throughout the turn.

  1. Halting the Company

a. "Company, Halt."

Upon hearing the command "Company, Halt," cadets should take one more step with their left foot, then place their right foot beside it, resuming the position of attention. The company will come to a complete stop, maintaining proper alignment and spacing.


Learning to form and march as a JLBC Cadet Corps company is essential to a cadet's training. By mastering the correct responses to commands and demonstrating discipline, cadets will showcase their dedication to leadership and teamwork. As members of the JLBC Cadet Corps, it is crucial to maintain high professionalism and unity, both on and off the parade ground.

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