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First Classmen Citizenship Requirements


First Classmen Citizenship Requirements

All First Classmen are expected to complete their senior year with satisfactory or better citizenship. Accordingly, any First Classman who fails to achieve acceptable or better citizenship for the year will come under review as to whether or not he will be afforded the privilege of participating in graduation week activities, including commencement.

To ensure his participation in graduation week activities and commencement, a senior must earn a 1.6 Citizenship Point Average (CPA) or higher for the first five grading periods. Citizenship

grades are earned each marking period and are determined as follows:

Outstanding Excellent Satisfactory Unsatisfactory

= 4.0 = 3.0 = 2.0 = 1.0

* Any Cadet with an unsatisfactory citizenship grade will be placed on campus restriction for all non-athletic activities for the grading period following the inferior quality and will remain on regulation until a satisfactory or higher rate can be achieved.

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