Updated: Oct 30


In the opinion of the JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp administration, suppose it becomes necessary to expel a cadet who does not abide by the Standards of Conduct contained in this Handbook or who exhibits other behavior contrary to JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp regulations. In that case, the superintendent shall refer the matter to the JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp Board of Directors of the program for disposition. The JLBC- Junior Leadership Bootcamp admini¬stration has the authority to suspend the cadet indefinitely until a final decision of the Board of Directors has been reached. If the conclusion of the Board of Directors is to expel the cadet, the superintendent shall have delivered to the student's parent/¬guardian written notice of that decision. Suppose the parent/guardian wishes to request the Board of Directors to reconsider its decision. In that case, the guardian/parent must request such reconsideration in writing and must have such a written request delivered to the superintendent on or before fifteen days after receipt of the notice of the Board of Directors' decision. Suppose such request for reconsideration is timely received. In that case, the Board of Directors shall schedule a meeting for reconsideration of the matter. It shall provide written notice to the parent/guardian of the disciplined student as to the date, time, and place of such meeting. The

guardian/parent and the student shall be allowed to address the Board of Directors concerning the conduct, subject to disciplinary action. After such a meeting for reconsideration, the superin¬tend¬ent shall have delivered to the student's parent/guardian written notice of the decision of the Board of Directors in the reconsideration of the matter.

When cadets are asked to withdraw or are expelled from JLBC, they will be restricted from being on campus or at any JLBC activity.

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