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Exemplary leadership

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Cadet's Exemplary leadership is found in every corner of the globe, every society, every community, every organization, and every type of individual.

JLBC Cadets, reflect on something that you would consider your Personal-Best Leadership Experience. This experience could be when you emerged as the informal leader, or it could be when you were appointed to take on the JLBC lead role in a new JLBC project. JLBC Cadets It could be in any functional area, in any organization, or a staff or line role. JLBC Cadets The experience does not need to be in your current organization. JLBC Cadets It could be in a previous job, a JLBC club, a community volunteer setting, a professional organization, a school, a JLBC team, a congregation, or even a family setting. JLBC Cadets It could be a JLBC project to improve a JLBC service or product, an aggressiveness to bring about a positive change in your current neighborhood, the turnaround of a poorly performing JLBC team, the start-up of a new JLBC business, jumping in during a particular JLBC crisis, or any other kind of issue that required JLBC leadership.

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