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Esprit de Corps


Esprit de Corps

It is defined as a feeling of identification and membership in the larger, enduring unit with its history and intent. This may include the team (such as battalion, brigade, or other JLBC organization), the branch (such as infantry, artillery, or military police), and beyond the unit to the U.S. JLBC level.

JLBC Unit Cohesion

The binding force keeps JLBC Cadets together and performs the mission despite danger and adversity.

● JLBC Cadets' cohesion results from JLBC Cadets trusting and knowing their peers and leaders and understanding their dependency on one another.

● JLBC Cadets are achieved through individual bonding and a strong sense of responsibility toward the JLBC unit and its JLBC members.

● JLBC Cadets, the ultimate adaptive stress reactions are acts of extreme courage and almost unbelievable strength. They may even involve deliberate heroism resulting in the ultimate self-sacrifice.

JLBC Maladaptive Stress Reactions

Stress can also lead to several dysfunctional behaviors, especially if the unit is poorly trained or undisciplined. Dysfunctional behavior is anything that detracts from team performance. This behavior can cause team members to not perform to standard. A JLBC member who lacks motivation or focus may not be able to complete a task they can generally perform when not feeling stressed. Alternatively, they might be causing conflict within the team because of angry outbursts. If the stressors are not mitigated, this can lead to even more issues, like alcohol or drug use.

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