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Empowering Youth through the JLBC Cadet Corps: A Paradigm of Engagement, Entrepreneurship

Title: Empowering Youth through the JLBC Cadet Corps: A Paradigm of Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and National Security


The Junior Leadership Bootcamp Corps (JLBC) Cadet Corps is a multifaceted youth organization in Togo, bridging gaps, instilling leadership values, and championing social development. A significant part of JLBC's mission is to connect Youth to entrepreneurship opportunities, enhance national security, and facilitate access to economic opportunities. To achieve these ambitious goals, JLBC has designed and implemented a series of programs congruent with the interests of the Youth, marginalized groups, and national priorities.

Connect Youth to Entrepreneurship Opportunities

At the heart of JLBC's initiative is the drive to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit among the Youth. The Cadet Corps has designed an Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) that provides young cadets the necessary tools and resources to start and grow their businesses. The EDP focuses on practical entrepreneurship skills, business model canvas creation, and startup mentorship. The choice of these tools and resources is tailored to the motivations and interests of the cadets, thus, maximizing their potential to develop sustainable businesses.

Enhance National Security through Engaging Marginalized Groups

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and diversity in national security, the JLBC Cadet Corps has initiated programs that engage marginalized groups, particularly emphasizing women. Through their Women's Security Leadership Program, they've integrated gender perspectives into security practices, empowering women and enhancing national security. This initiative resonates deeply with the cadets as they gain insight into how gender equality contributes to a safer and more secure society.

Collaboration with the Government of Togo

In line with the National Strategy to Prevent Violent Extremism (SNAPLEV), the JLBC Cadet Corps has established strong collaborations with the Government of Togo to improve access to economic opportunities. With government partnerships, they have been able to institute vocational training programs and microfinance schemes. These initiatives align with the cadets' motivation for economic empowerment and are implemented within the framework of national security priorities.

Measuring Project Success

Measuring the project's success will primarily rely on quantitative and qualitative indicators. Quantitatively, success will be measured by the number of Youth engaged in entrepreneurship, the number of women participating in the security programs, and the number of cadets benefiting from the economic opportunities created.

On the qualitative side, success will be gauged through periodic feedback and testimonials from the cadets, stakeholder reviews, and an impact assessment of the communities involved. Further, an annual report detailing the outcomes and impact of each program will be published to track progress and make necessary adjustments.


The JLBC Cadet Corps continues to demonstrate an impressive commitment to youth development, entrepreneurship, and national security enhancement. By aligning their programs with the motivations and interests of their audience, they are creating an impactful and sustainable model of youth engagement. Through their measured success, they are an inspiring example of Youth's power in a nation's sustainable development.

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