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Core Product or Service

Core Product or Service

JLBC Cadet Corps offers a comprehensive youth development program combining law enforcement, fire department, and military training elements. We provide these learning opportunities through several mediums, ensuring we can reach a broad array of young individuals with varying needs and preferences.

  • On-site Programs: We offer on-site programs where cadets can engage in hands-on training and activities guided by experienced instructors. This also includes opportunities for field trips and community service.

  • Online Classes: Understanding the increased demand for online learning, we offer interactive online classes that bring our unique curriculum to the comfort of the cadets' homes. This ensures our programs remain accessible regardless of geographical constraints or personal circumstances.

  • Curriculum Sales: We provide our well-structured curriculum for purchase by schools or other institutions interested in implementing our programs. This allows us to extend our reach and impact, allowing more youth to learn about law enforcement, fire department, and military roles and develop crucial life skills.

  • Products: We offer a range of branded products, such as uniforms, equipment, and educational materials, that enrich our cadets' learning experience and foster a sense of belonging and pride in being part of the JLBC Cadet Corps.

  • Publications: We produce a range of publications that provide insights into the different aspects of our program, share success stories, and offer practical advice and information related to law enforcement, fire department, and military careers.


Our pricing structure is multi-faceted to reflect our varied offerings. The annual membership fee covers the cost of on-site training, resources, and uniforms for cadets participating in our program.

For our online classes, we have a separate pricing structure, which is determined per course. Curriculum sales, products, and publications are priced individually based on the cost of production and a reasonable markup to support our ongoing operations and development.

We strive to keep our fees and prices affordable to ensure our services and products are accessible to as many families and institutions as possible. Financial aid options are available for eligible families.

Our diverse offerings allow us to cater to different learning preferences and needs, expanding our impact and helping us fulfill our mission. Our pricing model ensures the financial sustainability of our organization, allowing us to invest in our programs, staff, and resources continually.

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