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Core Product and Service

Core Product and Service

JLBC Cadet Corps offers a comprehensive youth development program that combines elements of law enforcement, fire department, and military training with character-building and leadership education. Our curriculum is designed to provide our cadets with a well-rounded understanding of these vital societal roles, along with the skills and knowledge to pursue careers in these fields potentially, should they choose to do so.

Our program is unique for several reasons:

  • Real-world Insights: We offer real-world insights into the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement officers, firefighters, and military personnel, providing our cadets with a realistic understanding of these professions.

  • Character Building: Alongside practical skills, we strongly emphasize character building. Our programs are designed to instill essential values such as discipline, integrity, respect, responsibility, and leadership, preparing our cadets for success in any field they choose.

  • Community Engagement: We believe in the power of community service as a tool for learning and personal growth. Our cadets are encouraged to participate in community service activities, helping them develop a sense of responsibility towards their communities.

  • Experienced Instructors: Our team of instructors brings a wealth of experience from law enforcement, firefighting, and military service. Their firsthand experience enriches our programs and inspires our cadets.


Our pricing structure is based on a yearly membership model. The annual membership fee covers the cost of all training, resources, field trips, and uniform. Additional charges may arise for optional events or activities outside the standard program.

We strive to keep our fees affordable to make our program accessible to as many youth as possible. Financial aid options are also available for eligible families.

The pricing model is built upon the difference between our costs and markup. The costs include instructor salaries, facility maintenance, equipment, uniforms, and transportation for field trips. The markup ensures the financial sustainability of our organization, allowing us to reinvest in our programs, facilities, and staff and provide financial aid options.

By combining a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and community service, JLBC Cadet Corps offers our cadets a unique and valuable experience. Our pricing model ensures we can continue delivering high-quality programs while remaining accessible to families from different socio-economic backgrounds.

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