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Continue JLBC leadership training Apply for membership.

Continue JLBC leadership training Apply for membership

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Achievement Test for promotions of JLBC Cadets

Prepare for the Promotion Ceremony

Use the outline below to review the different avenues of support available to prospective and new cadets.

Interim Uniform: What should prospective and new cadets wear until they receive a uniform? Are they permitted to go out and buy uniforms right away? At what point will the squadron assist the cadets in obtaining uniforms, other than via the JLBC Cadet Uniform Program (i.e., unit supplies, JLBC supplies, DRMO, etc.)

Interim Books: Will hard copies of JLBC leadership and the uniform mini-poster be made available to cadets? Will the squadron loan the cadet's hard copies of those materials until their Cadet Member Kit arrives? Whatever your policy, explain it now.

Website: Mention that all the materials new cadets need to complete JLBC Start are available electronically at

Bring a Friend: If one of the prospect cadets visiting tonight realizes they have a friend who would love to join JLBC, can they bring them next week? (How the unit answers this question depends on whether it follows the "trickle in" or "pipeline" approach discussed in the preface. It is recommended that the team offer a "catch up" session between week #1 and week #2, although this may be logistically difficult for some units.)


If you are interested in becoming a cadet, now is the best time to begin. The JLBC Start program will help you begin your cadet experience right.

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