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You’ve decided to take the pledge, learn something new, or maybe you’re just getting back into training. Either way registering for JLBC classes is the first step to achieving great things. Now let’s get you informed about our JLBC Martial Arts Program.

This JLBC curriculum guide, website, and handbook were created to assist you and give you an idea of what to expect and what is expected within the JLBC program. However, nothing is ever written in stone regarding martial arts systems. They are dynamic, constantly changing, and ever-improving.

The JLBC booklet and website is an essential guide, a framework that defines the structure and outlines the process of learning JLBC Martial Arts. JLBC Martial Arts skills can be altered, movements change, and requirements change over time. Many JLBC instructors of martial arts systems would not even dream about giving JLBC cadets documentation of any kind for JLBC Martial arts curriculum. Those JLBC systems rely solely on instruction from a teacher or master, and the cadet’s knowledge is gained only through this interaction.

There is nothing wrong with that process. In fact,

that way of teaching has served many JLBC Cadets very well over the years. For this JLBC program, however, in this modern age of distraction, I feel it might benefit to aid in the study of those cadets living hectic lifestyles. JLBC Cadets, there is no substitute for dedication; let’s get that out there. Anyone wanting to learn a JLBC martial arts system must dedicate time and effort to the study and practice. Otherwise, it’s not going to happen.

I intend to provide you with an edge, a JLBC guide that you can study on the go to help you practice JLBC Martial Arts when you have a spare moment at hand. The following posts or pages in this booklet or website will define the customs, etiquette, and basic requirements for this JLBC Martial Arts program to be used as a supplemental guide to learn directly from the JLBC program’s instructor. Used properly, it should help make your JLBC Martial Arts learning process that much better an experience.

Not all JLBC programs and systems are run the same. Suppose you are transitioning from another school, club, or program to this program or find yourself transitioning from this program to another JLBC Program. In that case, you will experience differences in the JLBC curriculum, etiquette, customs, and structure. Don’t worry about that; the basics are the basics, but each JLBC program and school tend to become personalized by the lead JLBC Martial Arts instructor.

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