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Computer Basics

Course Title: Computer Basics

Course Duration: One Semester (15 Weeks)

Week 1-2: Introduction

- Understanding what computers are and their history

- Identifying types of computers: Desktops, laptops, tablets

- Recognizing the components of a computer system

Week 3-4: Operating Systems

- Exploring different types of operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux

- Navigating the desktop, icons, and taskbar

- Understanding how to manage files and folders

Week 5-6: Internet and Web Basics

- Understanding the Internet and World Wide Web

- Browsing and searching the Internet

- Internet safety and cybersecurity basics

Week 7-8: Software Applications

- Identifying software categories: productivity, entertainment, utility

- Working with Word processors, Spreadsheets, and Presentation software

- Installing and uninstalling software

Week 9-10: Computer Hardware

- Understanding hardware components: CPU, RAM, Hard drive, GPU

- Identifying input and output devices

- Learning about peripheral devices

Week 11-12: Networking Basics

- Understanding what networks are and how they work

- Identifying different types of networks: LAN, WAN, VPN

- Understanding Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi setup

Week 13-14: Digital Media

- Understanding digital media: images, audio, video

- Working with digital images and videos

- Basics of multimedia software

Week 15: Computer Maintenance & Troubleshooting

- Learning how to maintain a computer, including updates and backups

- Introduction to virus protection and firewalls

- Basic troubleshooting steps for common computer problems


- Continuous Assessment Tests (30%)

- Group Project (20%)

- Final Examination (50%)

Note: The syllabus is subject to change based on students' learning progress and emerging trends in computer science.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of computer systems, software applications, Internet and web technologies, computer hardware, digital media, and basic computer troubleshooting. They will be equipped with foundational skills to navigate and use a computer efficiently and effectively.

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