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Company Summary

Company Summary

The JLBC Cadet Corps is a non-profit youth development organization established in 2020, aiming to empower young individuals aged 12-18 through a military-based discipline, leadership development, physical fitness, and community service program. Through a structured curriculum and a supportive environment, the Corps nurtures personal growth, resilience, and lifelong learning among cadets, equipping them with skills necessary for future success.

A management team of experienced military professionals and educators oversees our structure. Since inception, we have successfully served over 2,000 cadets, many of whom have gone on to join the military, continue higher education, or enter successful civilian careers.

Our plans include the following:

  • Expanding our reach to serve more youth.

  • Enhancing our curriculum with advanced leadership training and STEM components.

  • Launching international exchange programs.

Financing Summary

The JLBC Cadet Corps operates on a diversified funding model. Our primary source of revenue is government grants at the local, state, and federal levels, which support our operations, staff salaries, and infrastructure development.

Other significant funding sources include private donations from individuals and philanthropic organizations, revenue from fundraising events, corporate sponsorships, and a nominal membership fee charged to cadets. We also maintain an endowment, the returns from which contribute to our long-term financial sustainability. Our alums often give back to the Corps, offering financial contributions and volunteering their time and expertise.

The Corps has plans to increase its endowment fund, diversify its fundraising initiatives, and seek additional corporate partnerships to finance expansion plans. We are committed to maintaining fiscal responsibility and transparency, ensuring that a significant proportion of our budget is directed toward programs and services that benefit our cadets.

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