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Channels of Distribution

IV. Channels of Distribution

A. Online and Offline Channels

  1. Our online channels will include the JLBC Cadet Corps website, social media platforms, and email marketing. The website will be the program information, registration, updates, and news hub. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be used for engagement, updates, success stories, and marketing campaigns. Email will be used for personalized communication with parents and community partners.

  2. Offline: Our offline channels will include local schools, community centers, and law enforcement agencies. We will conduct informational sessions, demonstrations, and promotional events at these venues. Local print and broadcast media will be used for press releases and feature stories about the program.

B. Channel Partners

Our key channel partners include local schools, community organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Schools and community organizations will help us reach our target demographic directly, provide venues for information sessions and events, and could potentially collaborate on program delivery. Local law enforcement agencies will provide valuable support regarding resources, personnel, and credibility. These partnerships will play a crucial role in expanding the reach and impact of the JLBC Cadet Corps program.

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