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Capacity For Lifelong Learning

JLBC Programs are based on performance-based, learner-centered education and promote the development of core abilities: capacity for lifelong learning, communication, responsibility for actions and choices, good citizenship, respectful treatment of others, and critical thinking techniques.

As important as “what” is learned in JLBC is “how” it is understood. Every JLBC classroom is equipped with leading-edge technologies to teach, assess, and report JLBC cadet progress. JLBC Teachers are trained to utilize a range of technologies and develop social/emotional skills, support JLBC Program content through gaming and simulations, and promote the role of social media. Thus, JLBC Cadets engage in meaningful, purposeful activities that lead them to demonstrate success through a portfolio of accomplishments.

In addition to the typical JLBC curriculum, JLBC cadets have the opportunity to participate in several JLBC co-curricular activities offered by the JLBC program. These activities are performance-based strategies designed to teach the JLBC curriculum and facilitate learning.

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