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JLBC: Leadership


1. GENERAL: Cadets are always expected to behave like proper young ladies and gentlemen. They will not use abusive, obscene, vulgar, or profane language. JLBC Cadets will not annoy or harass other cadets with insulting, inflammatory, insinuating, defaming remarks or obscene gestures. JLBC Cadets will not indulge in horseplay such as hitting, slapping, sparring, or wrestling, frequently developing into undesirable behavior.

2. CADET CONDUCT: Cadets in JLBC are expected to set an example for other students. As such, your behavior is closely monitored by school administrators, teachers, and even other students.

a. Public Display of Affection (PDA). JLBC Cadets will not indulge in forms of physical contact such as “romantic” HUGGING, KISSING, or EMBRACING (Public Display of Affection- “PDA”) within the confines of the JLBC area while on any JLBC trip or ANYWHERE WHILE IN UNIFORM. PDA while in uniform also directly affects your weekly uniform grade.

b. School Dress Code. All pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn on or above the hip bone (belts if needed). Shirts that could be considered inappropriate should not be worn. All shorts and skirts must be longer than fingertips with arms straight down. All school dress code facial piercing policies will be enforced as outlined in the JLBC Student Handbook. All cadets, upper and lower classmen, will implement these standards consistently, regardless of their rank/position.

c. Cadet Officer / NCO Conduct. A JLBC cadet officer or NCO has special leadership responsibilities by their achievement in earning those ranks. JLBC Cadets They are held to much higher standards and are expected to set a positive example for other cadets. JLBC Cadets Among other general responsibilities to maintain rank/position, cadet officers and NCOs are expected to:

1) Take the initiative when leadership action on their part is needed to ensure the unit mission is accomplished. JLBC Cadets This includes taking an active role in team activities.

2) Fully and promptly meet their financial obligations to the unit and the JLBC program wholly and swiftly.

3) Complete JLBC class and program assignments conscientiously.

4) Participate regularly in at least one after-school co-curricular/LDR activity or attend community service events.


Introduction - Denton ISD.

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