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Building and Maintaining Readiness in JLBC Cadet Corps: The Role of PLs and PSGs

Title: Building and Maintaining Readiness in JLBC Cadet Corps: The Role of PLs and PSGs


The JLBC Cadet Corps is a prestigious institution that prepares young individuals for leadership roles in the military. An essential aspect of this preparation involves platoon leaders (PLs) and platoon sergeants (PSGs) working together to maintain the readiness of their platoons. This article will discuss the responsibilities of PLs and PSGs in assessing and ensuring the readiness of their platoons, focusing on personnel management, equipment maintenance, and training.

Assessing the State of the Platoon

When PLs and PSGs assume platoon command, they must first understand its current state from their partner. This includes evaluating the platoon's strengths and weaknesses and identifying any gaps that may exist. To accomplish this, the PL and PSG should conduct a Soldier-by-Soldier review. This assessment allows the leaders to create a comprehensive picture of their platoon's readiness and identify areas for improvement.

Equipment Maintenance and Accountability

One key aspect of readiness is ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained and accounted for. PSGs should use their initial accountability inventory to assess their platoon's discipline, equipment maintenance, and overall readiness. Leaders can identify any issues that may impact the platoon's ability to effectively carry out its mission by involving themselves in this process.

Supervising Training

Another critical aspect of readiness is the individual training of each Soldier. Please and PSGs should actively supervise the sergeant's time and personal training. This involvement allows them to assess their platoon's capabilities accurately and ensure all members are prepared for their roles.

Planning Appropriate Training

After assessing their platoon's readiness, PLs and PSGs must develop appropriate training plans to address identified weaknesses or gaps. New leaders must not assume that their platoon is already at an advanced stage of readiness simply because they are unique. Instead, leaders should assess their platoon's current state accurately and develop training plans accordingly.


The readiness of a platoon in the JLBC Cadet Corps is crucial for its overall success. Please and PSGs are responsible for maintaining this readiness by assessing their platoon's strengths and weaknesses, ensuring proper equipment maintenance and accountability, and supervising training. By actively involving themselves in these processes, PLs and PSGs can ensure that their platoons are prepared to face any challenges, ultimately leading to a more effective and successful JLBC Cadet Corps.

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