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Budget and Forecast

VI. Budget and Forecast

A. Detailed Marketing Budget

  1. Website and Digital Marketing: $5,000 for website development and maintenance, content creation, and paid online advertising.

  2. School and Community Outreach: $2,000 for informational materials, event organization, and travel expenses.

  3. Local Media: $3,000 for media releases and potential advertising.

  4. Promotional Materials: $2,000 for brochures, posters, banners, and other promotional materials.

  5. Miscellaneous: $1,000 set aside for unexpected marketing costs.

Total Marketing Budget: $13,000 for the first year.

B. Sales Forecast and Profitability

  1. Enrollment: Based on market research, we forecast a minimum of 100 registrations in the first year.

  2. Revenue: With an enrollment fee of $200 per child, our projected revenue for the first year is $20,000.

  3. Profitability: Subtracting the marketing budget from the projected revenue, we are left with $7,000. However, this does not consider other operational costs. The program's sustainability will also rely on funding from sponsorships, grants, and donations.

Please note that these are projected numbers, and actual results may vary. The budget and forecasts will be regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

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