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At the JLBC Cadet Corps, we believe in the continuous development

At the JLBC Cadet Corps, we believe in the continuous development of our staff as much as we believe in the development of our cadets. To that end, we have implemented a comprehensive staff training program to ensure that our team is well-prepared, knowledgeable, and able to support the mission of the Corps effectively.

1. Onboarding Training:

When new members join our team, they undergo a rigorous onboarding process that includes an introduction to our mission, values, and programs. They learn about our cadets' profiles, the Corps' policies and procedures, and their specific roles and responsibilities.

2. Child Safety Training:

Child safety is of paramount importance to us. All staff members receive training on child protection policies and practices, including appropriate staff-cadet interactions, spotting signs of abuse or neglect, and procedures for reporting concerns.

3. Leadership Training:

Staff members participate in leadership training programs, particularly those in instructor roles. This training equips them with the skills to lead, mentor, and motivate our cadets effectively.

4. Program-Specific Training:

Staff members receive training relevant to their specific roles. For example, instructors receive training in our curriculum and teaching strategies, while our fundraising team is trained in donor management and fundraising techniques.

5. Professional Development:

We encourage our staff to continue their professional development. We offer workshops and seminars on various topics such as communication, conflict resolution, team building, diversity, and inclusion. We also support staff members pursuing further education or certifications relevant to their roles.

6. First Aid and CPR Training:

For the safety of our cadets, all staff members must undergo first aid and CPR training and maintain their certification.

7. Crisis Management Training:

We prepare our staff to respond effectively in a crisis. This training covers emergency procedures, crisis communication, and mental health support.

8. Annual Refresher Training:

We provide annual refresher training covering all the essential areas to ensure our staff's skills and knowledge remain current.

Through this comprehensive training program, we strive to equip our staff with the skills and knowledge they need to support our cadets effectively and contribute to the success of the JLBC Cadet Corps.

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