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At JLBC Cadet Corps, we firmly believe in a balanced approach to child guidance

At JLBC Cadet Corps, we firmly believe in a balanced approach to child guidance that uses direct and indirect strategies, setting us apart in child development and education. Our practices aim at fostering respect, problem-solving skills, and positive behavior in children through innovative methods that combine a thoughtful blend of communication and environmental arrangements.

In our approach to direct guidance, we focus on showing respect to the child, helping them build a solid foundation of self-esteem. Our teachers practice setting limits, active listening, and positive verbal interaction to assist with problem-solving, promoting a nurturing environment that supports the child's cognitive and emotional growth. Respecting a child's individuality lays the foundation for confident and responsible adults of tomorrow.

We also harness the power of indirect guidance to steer children toward positive behavior. Our teachers strategically arrange groups and independent centers to subtly influence children's behavior, fostering a sense of responsibility and independence. Furthermore, we use well-established routines and a well-organized classroom environment to indirectly guide the children, instilling discipline and structure in their daily lives.

As we understand the importance of role models in a child's life, at JLBC Cadet Corps, we prioritize modeling appropriate behavior. Children, being keen observers, often emulate adults in their lives. Therefore, adults must exhibit respectful and proper behavior, which children can imbibe.

To offer quality education, we maintain a low staff-to-child ratio to ensure personalized attention. All our teachers come with a blend of formal education and hands-on experience. We encourage continuous learning among our teachers, who regularly participate in classes and workshops, ensuring they stay updated with the latest strategies and practices in child development. This commitment to lifelong learning among our staff benefits the children and the center and sets an excellent example for the children about the importance of continuous learning.

At JLBC Cadet Corps, we consider parents partners in their child's growth journey. Open communication with parents forms a cornerstone of our philosophy. We encourage parents to share any changes or concerns affecting their child, and our teachers prioritize daily updates about the child's day. By fostering clear, consistent expectations and modeling respectful behavior, we hope to create a harmonious environment that aids the child's development.

Ultimately, our primary belief is that every child is unique - with their distinct learning styles, interests, abilities, and personalities. Our center is committed to accommodating, encouraging, and guiding your child's learning journey. We aim to provide a safe, appropriate, and inviting environment full of varied materials for your child to explore, experiment, and make choices independently. Our goal is not just to provide education but to instill a lifelong joy of learning, making JLBC Cadet Corps an enriching platform for your child's formative years.

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