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As a Limited Liability Corporation, JLBC Cadet Corps has a varied financial structure

As a Limited Liability Corporation, JLBC Cadet Corps has a varied financial structure. Our primary sources of financing include:

  1. Government Funding: Significant operational funding for the Corps comes from local, state, and federal government grants. These resources are allocated for operating costs, programming, staff salaries, and infrastructural development.

  2. Private Donations: Individual donors and philanthropic foundations contribute a substantial portion of the Corps' finances. These resources are employed to enhance programs, offer scholarships, procure equipment, and ensure that our programs are available to all interested youth, irrespective of their financial capacity.

  3. Fundraising Events: The Corps organizes multiple fundraising events throughout the year, like charity runs, benefit dinners, and auctions. These events contribute to our finances and enhance community awareness about the Corps' mission and initiatives.

  4. Corporate Sponsorships: We foster relationships with local and national businesses to secure sponsorships and in-kind donations. This could encompass equipment, services, or financial contributions.

  5. Membership Fees: While ensuring accessibility is a key priority, a nominal membership fee is charged. These collected fees are directed towards operational funds, with financial assistance available for those in need.

  6. Endowment: A segment of our resources is invested in an endowment. The returns from this endowment ensure the Corps' long-term sustainability and provide a contingency fund for unexpected expenses or economic downturns.

  7. Alumni Contributions: Our alums frequently support the Corps, contributing financially and by volunteering their time and skills.

Regarding expense management, we're committed to making the most of every dollar. Most of our budget is directly invested in programming and services for the cadets, with administrative and overhead costs kept to a minimum to ensure that funds are primarily used to make a direct impact.

Our future financial plans include the following:

  • Growing our endowment to secure the Corps' longevity.

  • Expanding our fundraising activities.

  • Establishing additional corporate and community partnerships to support our growth and expansion objectives.

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