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All JLBC cadets are expected to follow traditions for discipline and respect.

All JLBC cadets are expected to follow traditions for discipline and respect. As a JLBC cadet, you are being tested each time you attend JLBC classes, so you must pay close attention to the JLBC rules and follow them consistently.

Remove your shoes when you enter the JLBC dojo.

Time in the JLBC dojo should be spent training, stretching, or relaxing. NO

HORSEPLAY. Socialization should be kept to a minimum.

When the JLBC instructor is on the mat, all cadets should become quiet and line up in a formal line, with senior cadets to the teacher's front and left. Late cadets must line up in the back despite their rank.

Follow the proper bowing procedures.

The instructors should be called "Instructor or teacher"; all other black belts should be called "Sir," "Ma'am," or Mr. or Ms.

Good JLBC cadet manners should always be used outside the JLBC dojo. As a member of the JLBC dojo and a representative of Martial Artists everywhere, the image of a sensitive, caring, and well-mannered individual is required. Respect and courtesy to other styles of Martial Artists are also necessary.

JLBC cadets A double clap means stop and listen to the JLBC instructor.

JLBC cadets there will be no gum chewing or eating during training. JLBC cadet's water bottles should be kept off the mats and out of the way.

No jewelry should be worn when training. Long hair should be tied back.

JLBC Cadets A black gi top and bottom with the appropriate color JLBC belt is the mandatory JLBC uniform to be worn when training in the JLBC dojo. Cadets A black t-shirt should be worn under the gi top (jacket). The coat may be removed during hot months unless grappling (which requires a gi top). Formal testing and demonstrations, full gi is required.

cadets the senior belt means anyone at a higher rank than you. JLBC Black belts may instruct and provide discipline to lower belts. JLBC Discipline will be push-ups, squats, sitting out of training, or a talk involving the senior JLBC instructor and the parent of the lower belt. The senior instructors/owners of the JLBC program have the final decision over any severe problems concerning cadets' behavior. cadets can be asked to leave the JLBC program permanently for behavior inappropriate to training or in contrast to these outlined rules.

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