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All medication taken during the JLBC program day must be brought to the JLBC Health Office. ALL over-the-counter medicines and prescription medications must have a physician's written order as well as a parent's written permission to be taken at JLBC. Medications, including aspirin and Tylenol, are not to be carried by cadet on campus anytime unless they have a signed student contract form on file, including a physician's approval.

Medication administration forms are available in the Health Office, or the doctor may write them on his prescription form. The JLBC nurse or another designated adult administers medications. All medications brought to JLBC must be in the original container (pharmacy labeled). The following information should be on the medication container: cadet's full name, physician's name and phone number, name of the medication, dosage, schedule, and date of expiration of prescription. Medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the JLBC Health Office. It is the responsibility of parents of children taking regular daily medications to provide a one-month supply that they replenish when needed. Medications that require a one-half tablet need to be brought with tablets pre-cut. Please notify the Health Office of any change in medication. Every medication must be renewed at the beginning of each JLBC program year.


If your cadets has any severe allergies to food or substances, the JLBC must have a doctor's written emergency plan on file, along with medication ordered, such as Benadryl and or/ Epi-Pen.


The following health-screening schedule will be performed throughout the school year. Any parent that does not want their child to participate must come to the Health Office to sign the proper exemption form yearly. Scoliosis Screening: 6th – 8th Grade, Vision and Hearing 8th Grade.

Please notify the Health Office immediately of any changes in your student's health.

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