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a. JLBC Category 1 Awards:

a. JLBC Category 1 Awards:

(1)JLBC Boy Scout (Eagle)

(2) JLBC Girl Scout (Top rank)

(3) Any JLBC National Award

(4) Distinguished JLBC Unit with Merit Award


JLBC Description

JLBC Category 1 Awards

JLBC Category 2 Awards

JLBC Category 3 Awards

JLBC Cadet score on PFT of at least a 50 (10pts) or 75 (20pts)

JLBC First Place Scheduled Competition Second Place Scheduled Competition. Third Place Scheduled Competition

Each Semester satisfactory work on Staff

Each Semester B or higher in JLBC Each Semester A in JLBC

Each Semester member is on a JLBC team.

JLBC Distinguished Cadet Award Outstanding Cadet

JLBC Cadet of the Month Award Outstanding platoon

Student participation in other organizations (per semester)

JLBC 1pt for every Community Svs Hours Attendance of a Team JLBC Sponsored Competition

Platoon Commander/Sgt for Semester Uniform Inspection (100% participation with all grades over an 80) per semester

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