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Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response

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**JLBC Cadet Corps' Disaster Preparedness for Teens** **Class Overview:** In this dynamic course presented by JLBC Cadet Corps, teens are invited on a transformative journey, navigating the complexities of disaster preparedness. With the world facing myriad unpredictable challenges, understanding and preparing for potential emergencies has never been more vital. This program dives deep into both natural and man-made disasters, providing participants with an extensive toolkit for readiness and response. **Core Elements:** - **Disaster Dynamics:** Delve into the underlying causes and wide-ranging effects of natural and human-induced disasters, drawing lessons from past events to fortify future preparedness. - **Emergency Communication Mastery:** Equip yourself with the essential methods and tools to maintain effective communication lines, even when conventional systems fail. - **First Aid & Triage Training:** Learn vital lifesaving techniques and the principles of injury assessment and prioritization. - **Fire Safety Protocols:** Understand the nuances of fire, from its causes to its classes, and train hands-on with fire extinguishers and other preventive measures. - **Evacuation Expertise:** Craft both personal and community-tailored evacuation plans, ensuring swift and safe responses during emergencies. - **Sustenance Strategies:** Gain knowledge on preparing and storing emergency food and water supplies, ensuring longevity during extended crisis situations. -








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